About Stafford's H&C

One day, Chris was calling around to different reputable HVAC companies in the area to figure out an issue with his A/C unit. After being told he would have to wait three weeks from three different companies to come out, Chris scheduled the visits, figuring that was just the normal wait time for HVAC companies to come and service units.  The first company told him that the whole entire unit was fried and needed to be replaced. The second company told him the fan motor was bad and needed to be changed out. The third told him that he just needed to add some Freon. Receiving three different answers created some obvious doubt in Chris' mind. He decided to call his dad who had many years of HVAC experience only to figure out that the unit just needed to be cleaned. This was a far cry from the $500+ quotes he received from the first two companies and the unhelpful insight from the third. Realizing that these businesses were dishonest about what was needed, seeming to care only about making more money, Chris decided he was tired of other people being taken advantage of the way he almost was. With several years of business experience running We-Haul Junk and Demo LLC, Chris decided it was time he start up Stafford's Heating and Cooling.  He decided his company would never let anyone else have negative experiences such as the ones he had ever again. Running the company with customer care at the forefront of their minds, the Stafford's will NEVER be dishonest just to make more money. At Stafford's Heating and Cooling, honesty is ALWAYS the best policy!

Our Philosophy

We believe that honesty is the most important aspect of any business. If honesty is not present then the customers' relationship with the company will be destroyed. If you can't trust a company how can you trust them to do the job the right way, correct? Early on this was a problem that Chris and Junior experienced with other HVAC companies. This is why Stafford's Heating and Cooling and its staff value its reputation and its word. When we say something its because that is what we truly believe and our relationships and work demonstrate that.